Carlos Malcolm to release book this fall!


I had the honor of visiting with the legendary Carlos Malcolm and his lovely daughter Michelle Williams while in Florida last week and was so pleased to learn that Mr. Malcolm will be releasing his own book this fall! It will be the story of the rise of Jamaican music as he experienced it, as son of a trombone player; as bandleader of his own orchestra, Carlos Malcolm and the Afro-Jamaican Rhythms; and as music director as Jamaican Broadcasting Company and producer of Teenage Dance Party and Hit Parade. Mr. Malcolm played trombone for everyone was was involved with musicians and artists in almost every facet of the industry, from stage to studio. He said that the book is complete and is currently with the editor and will be released very soon! Please keep checking back here, or sign up for the mailing list here, to be kept in the loop on updates on this exciting new book from Mr. Malcolm!

2 thoughts on “Carlos Malcolm to release book this fall!”

  1. Thanks for this update on an outstanding proponent of Jamaican music Heather…Despite the fact that he wasn’t born in Jamaica, Carlos Malcolm contributed so much to the development of the island’s music during the ’60’s & ’70’s…I’m really looking forward to his book.


    1. Hi, Heather,permit me to add two corrections: a. I was a member of a committee of 3 ( Loyd Brydon, Producer from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (on loan to Jamaica to develop radio programs produced by Jamaicans, Sonny Bradshaw and myself); we devised Teenage Dance Party for the Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation. b. I was a producer and Musical arranger and Director in the Variety Department of the JBC. The general Musical Director of the JBC was William Pilgrim formerly of the BBC, London.


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