Randy’s Records

Ever wonder how Vincent Chin became known as Randy’s? It was after another Randy’s Records that Chin named himself, his shop, and his label–one that was featured during an advertisement on WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee. On a clear day or night, Kingstonians and Jamaicans could tune in to WLAC to hear early rhythm and blues and so the advertisements for Randy’s Records in Gallatin, Tennessee were part of the broadcast. The following is an article on the original Randy’s Records, named for proprietor Randy Wood:


1 thought on “Randy’s Records”

  1. Great info iam Sylvester known as Sylvester the cat jls and i dj on Legacy 90.1 radio from out ot manchester uk on sat 10am till 12 i play ska , rocksteady and early classic reggae check it out on line and on the Legacy 90.1 app bless keep ska alive.


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