Ska Awards


At the same time that a number of artists were traveling to the United States for the World’s Fair in New York, as well as appearing in New York City for Jamaican Independence Day celebrations, and promotions in Miami and New York for the next dance craze, the ska, some of those same musicians were appearing on Jamaican televisions, performing and even winning awards. Here is an article from July 17, 1964 that shows a few musicians who had won a “Silver Star” from the Star Newspaper, presented by Edward Seaga, who was then the minister of development and welfare, the same post he had in selecting the large crew of musicians to the U.S. The article reads as follows:

Carlos Malcolm and his Afro-Jamaican Rhythms, Lord Creator, Pluggy and Beryl and Ranny Williams–winners of the Week-End STAR awards for 1963–received their Silver STars from the Minister of Development and Welfare, the Hon. Edward Seaga, last Friday afternoon. Making the presentations in the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation studios, where the function was televised, Mr. Seaga commended the Gleaner Co. Ltd., publishers of the STAR, for what he said was ‘a wonderful idea’ which would be something for artistes to work towards each year. The popular arts had lacked encouragement for a long time but the Minister assured his listeners that ‘a lot of things are happening.’ The Managing Director of the Gleaner Company, Mr. S. G. Fletcher, introduced the artistes to the Minister. Carols Malcolm and his Afr0-Jamaicans, received the ‘Oscar’ as the best band; Carlos received the award for the best individual instrumentalists; Lord Creator, the best male singer; Pluggy and Beryl, best dance team; and Ranny Williams, the best comedian. The winner of the award for the best female singer–Totlyn Jackson–is off the island and was unable to be present. Mr. Fletcher explained that the Company felt that good performances which were pleasing to the public should be recognized. He hoped the awards would be an encouragement to the artistes. The award-winners performed in a brief but entertaining show. Pictures on this page show the artistes as they appeared on the TV screen following the presentation. Mater of Ceremonies was Fred Wilmot. The programme was a presentation of the Jamaica Information Service.

Here are a few of my favorite Lord Creator and Carlos Malcom tunes.

Lord Creator–Don’t Stay Out Late

Lord Creator–Independent Jamaica

Carlos Malcolm–Wings of a Dove–with Joe Higgs, Scotty, Ken Lazarus, and Phil Chen

Carlos Malcolm–Rucumbine

Carlos Malcolm–Space Flight

2 thoughts on “Ska Awards”

  1. Ms. Augustyn, I was referred to you by Mr. Charles Benoit but you never responded. I know how busy you are and so I’m not complaining. This article features Carlos Malcolm and I am the original drummer for his band. I am still in touch with Carlos and will refer this article to him. Thank you for all the good work you do for Jamaican music.


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