A Ska Mystery


Can you help solve this ska mystery?

I attended Reggae Fest Chicago last weekend, which was extraordinary, by the way, and had a chat with fellow ska fan Jim Cascino, co-host of the Windy City Sound System podcast on Mix Cloud. He asked me if I knew if Prince Buster had been to Chicago in 1964 or prior, and I admitted that I had no idea and I was curious why he asked. He explained that he thought that Prince Buster may have worn a Chicago Bears cap in that now-famous “This Is Ska” film from 1964 at the Sombrero Club narrated and emceed by Tony Verity. I was familiar with the film, of course, but had never noticed Prince Buster’s cap! Jim’s brother Kevin produced a photo on his phone, a still from this film, and there it was! Or so it appears. Could it be the Chicago Bears? Or perhaps, as Jim noted, it is the Cincinnati Reds logo from the mid-1960s? Jim has supplied me with the photo and the logos below so that you all can sleuth an answer for us!



Chicago Bears Logo

Reds_LogoCincinnati Reds Logo

In the meantime, check out Jim Cascino’s show HERE.

And if you missed my Radio M two-hour show with Tony Sarabia on WBEZ to promote Reggae Fest Chicago artists Toots & the Maytals, Keith & Tex, Charley Organaire, Derrick Morgan, Hepcat, and the Prizefighters, listen HERE (thanks to Jim Cascino for recording this for me).

3 thoughts on “A Ska Mystery”

  1. Bears cap. Plenty of pics of him in it at different times and places. Cecil B. Campbell is the reason he wore it for a while.
    I flew out all the way from Maui to catch Reggae Fest Chicago. What a belter. All the acts, and supporting acts delivered a fine performance. Both stages had incredible sound. I was impressed how Akasha went from a newer roots sound, into classic, flawless rocksteady. Most bass players can’t handle that transition, but that Zach Galifinakis looking guy was a beast.
    I hope they can do it again next year, get K&T, Derrick Morgan, BB Seaton, Eric Monty Morris, Toots, etc.
    The night before Hepcat threw down at Subterranean and that place was ram jam!
    Props to all involved, you did mighty fine. I know if you can manage to make the same sort of lineup next year, it will be massive.
    Too bad Dan Klein of The Frightnrs passed, if they are touring next year, they would be a mean addition. Maybe the Solutionaires, or a heavy contemporary favourite, The Delirians.
    Respect to all involved.
    Jarod staff at The BigShot Sound System of Newport City Radio and SoundCloud
    Big ups, Windy City Sound, Feel The Rhythm, Chuck Wren etc.


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