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It’s A Small World: Millie Small’s Daughter, Jaelee Small, Releases Memoirs EP

You can hear it in her voice–she is definitely her mama’s child. But Jaelee Small does not, by any means, sing in the shadow of her mother, Millie Small. Jaelee is her own woman, with her own sound and her own deeply creative vision which is on full display in her new EP titled Memoirs (Part II). This five-song collection, released on October 11th, showcases the many facets of Jaelee–sweet and glimmering, catchy and feisty, soulful and layered. Woman has got some chops!

This is Jaelee Small’s first EP. She studied at LCCM, the London Centre of Contemporary Music, graduating with honors and earning a bachelor of arts degree in Vocal Performance and Music Production.

Check out Jaelee’s new video for the enchanting “Memoreveolody.” This song is a soundscape, aural poetry, a wisp of light and air. Her video for “Home” is a fun and catchy breakup song, and “Tic Tok” channels  Kate Bush with dramatic vicissitudes in pitch that skip effortlessly like a fluttering butterfly. “Small World” is ethereal layer upon layer of harmony.

This work was recorded at Antonio’s Fish Factory Studio, St. Johns Studio, and Steve’s Flat and was mastered by Mike Cave at Loft Mastering in Liverpool.

Though she is the daughter of Millie Small, Jaelee Small’s voice, both in its physicality and personality, is all her own.


More info on Jaelee Small here:

Listen to and order Memoirs (Part II) here:

2 thoughts on “It’s A Small World: Millie Small’s Daughter, Jaelee Small, Releases Memoirs EP

Arlington Peart May 8, 2020 at 1:58 am

Your mom, Millie Small, will always be the Darling of Jamaican music. Her’s was the voice that truly catapulted modern Jamaican music, onto the international stage.
She was Jamaica’s Ambassador Extraordinaire!


Sledge ? August 27, 2021 at 2:03 pm

My boy Lollipop mash up nuff blues dance in the 60’s and 70’s it’s a tune that still played in Revival dances and Family get togethers????


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