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Skacore: Guest Blog by Jef Delvaux

The following is a guest blog by friend and fellow skamrade Jef Delvaux. If you have a topic about which you would like to opine beyond a Facebook post, please let me know–I’m happy to provide a space for inquiry and discussion! Heather Augustyn Recently Aaron Porter – whose name is somewhat prominent in the online digital ska-world but otherwise

By - haugustyn

Tribute to Bobby “Little Bra” Gaynair

I was so sad to learn that legendary tenor saxophonist and Alpha Boys’ School alumnus Bobby “Little Bra” Gaynair died on June 23, 2021. Bobby and his partner Anne, who died a few weeks before him on May 8th, both became friends of mine and were two of the kindest people on the planet. I knew something was amiss when