Books about Ska by Heather Augustyn

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Plenty Bottle of Kola Wine

The lyrics of the classic song “Sweet and Dandy,” written by Frederick Hibbert, known to us as Toots, tell of a young couple’s wedding day jitters and reassurances from their family, who have spent money on food and refreshments for the assembled guests. As I sing along, I belt out the words, “kola wine,” realizing that I, once again, have

By - haugustyn

Enid Cumberland

We may know Enid Cumberland from her duos with Keith Stewart. But few know that Enid was with Studio One for over four decades–not as a performer, but as a studio employee. Of course you can read an entire chapter on Enid Cumberland in my newest book, Songbirds: Pioneering Women in Jamaican Music which is available through this website,,

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Let me tell you about Sally Brown . . .

So I love me some Laurel Aitken, and I’m singing along in my car to Sally Brown driving down the highway and my son starts laughing. I’ve belted out these lyrics so many times I don’t hear them anymore, but my son’s fresh ears pick up on perhaps the silliest words to ever grace a ska song–yes, the cukumaka stick.