Heather Augustyn

Through the words of legendary artists, gleaned from more than a decade of interviews, the story of ska music is finally told by those who were there.

The comprehensive biography of a brilliant musician and his lover who forever shaped the course of music worldwide.

Examines the origins and evolution of ska, from Jamaica, to the U.K., to the U.S. and the rest of the world. A cultural analysis of the music and its people.

"excellent...fascinating interviews… hugely entertaining"--Trojan Records

“A truly great music book!  Even I learned a lot about Two Tone era by reading it!”  — Roddy Byers of The Specials

"you’ll definitely want this book"--Marco on the Bass

Real ground-breaking stuff, and fascinating as well.
--Steve Barrow, Jamaican music historian

A magnificent work of investigative journalism”
--Brad Klein, Documentary Filmmaker of Legends of Ska: Cool & Copasetic

Very definitive.
--Clive Chin, VP Records, son of Vincent Chin